8.04.08- Giveaways!

Vicky C is giving away two Image and Journal books (ends August 8)

Suzy Sparkle Spot is giving away a quilt! (ends August 8)

Retro Housewife goes Green is giving away cloth wipes and a $10 gift certificate (ends August 9)

Adirondack Etsy is giving away two soap samples! (ends August 9)

Petit Elefant is giving away the book “Breaking Dawn” (ends August 9)

omg!Lia is giving away 3 pairs of earrings. (ends August 10)

A Year from Oak Cottage is giving away chocolate, a cake book and a lovely print! (ends August 13)

Teeny Manolo is giving a way lots of Stila goodness! (ends August 15)

Satin Doll Café is giving away a Thank You card set 9ends August 15)

Bag Snob is giving away a Laguna Crocodile Tote (ends August 29)

Book Trout is giving away the book “The Volcano Lover” (ends August 31)

Tango Karnitz is giving away a $25 gift certificate! (ends August 31)

The Crispy Cook is giving away the cookbook “Light and Spicy” (ends August 31)


TeenyManolo said...

Thanks for the mention! Over 100 entries so far, and there are more giveaways to come in the next few weeks, too.

Seriously, Stila is gorgeous stuff.

Maria said...

you are welcome! :)