Black Friday is almost here!

I will be back tomorrow morning with a long list of giveaways, but I had to share this unbelievably awesome contest with you.

I’m sure you are familiar with the retail madness that is Black Friday right?

Well, how would you like to avoid the long lines, the pushing and the shoving, the disappointment when the one item you showed up for is sold out in the first 10 minutes?

I’m willing to bet you would LOVE that.

Best Buy is holding a Black Friday VIP contest.

Twenty five winners will receive:

$1,000 Best Buy gift card

A limo ride to and from Best Buy on the morning after Thanksgiving

Early admittance into the store, a half hour before everyone else.

And a Pure Digital Flip Video Ultra Series Camcorder to document the Black Friday VIP experience

Enter Here.


Rhonda said...

This one is not available in Canada :(

Abby said...


Abby said...