Thursday’s Giveaways!

girl ferment is giving away a Lena Corwin book, Lara Cameron fabric, zipper pouch (ends Nov. 9)

Common Sense with Money is giving away Oprah’s Big Book of Happiness (ends Nov. 7)

and Sew On is giving away 2 nice groupings of items for 2 lucky folks! (ends Nov. 12)

Mom Fuse is giving away Avon Jillian Dempsey Gift Collection (ends Nov. 15)

Everyday Me... Seaside Tales is giving away Lots of Items donated by Etsy shops (ongoing for the month of Nov. )

Pc2 is giving away the book Knit One, Embellish Two (ends Nov. 30)

Mommymae is giving away a $25 at build a bear (ends Nov. 9)

Disgraced Shopping is giving away Flowers from Teleflora (ends Nov. 7)

heatherknitzdesigns is giving away holiday soap! (ends Nov. 11)

LoveEtsyFeedback is giving away newborn gift set, choice boy or girl (2 win) from Littleduckies (ends Nov. 11)

The Mom Chronicles is giving away one original item from Cynthia Callan's Etsy Shop (ends Nov. 7)

Tribal Witch is giving away a cat necklace ,horsehead pillow, and a handmade pouch. (ends Nov. 21)

The Year in Pictures is giving away Robert Mapplethorpe’s flag picture (ends Nov. 12)

A Frog in My Soup is giving away a hardcover book from Lollipop (ends Nov. 14)

Grosgrain is giving away a tree frog costume! (ends Nov. 7)

The Scrappy Shack is giving away lots of die cuts! (ends Nov. 13)

CorrinRenee is giving 3 lucky winners a pashmina in the color of their choice! (ends Nov. 21)

Tippy Toes and Tantrums is giving away a Tiny Prints Holiday Card Package (ends Nov. 7)

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