Weekend Post

Good morning! Today, I’ll be watching this movie, and eating delicious Cuban food. I love Saturdays and I love being able to schedule posts (because if by any chance you are reading this before 12pm, you can be assured I am still sleeping) I hope you have a fun and lazy weekend as well!

Today's Giveaways:

Everything Up Close is giving away one Mixology Eyes Pop Collection of your choice (ends Nov. 22)

Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls is giving away a Cell phone / Gadget pouch from Babycakes Boutique (ends Nov. 21)

Funky Finds is giving away a Create Your Own Charm Necklace and a set of Four Seasons Magnets (ends Nov. 17)

Betty Beguiles is giving away a $25 gift card to Sephora (ends Nov. 20)

Vocation of Motherhood is giving away a Drawing Animals Usborne Book (ends nov. 17)

Queen Mother Blog is giving away a set of two Tastefully Simple products (ends Nov. 27)

Crystal from Bead Happily Ever After is giving away a Winter Moon Bracelet in Royal Blue and Purple! (ends Nov. 16)

Heather from One Shot Beyond Photography is giving away a War Stories CD (ends Nov. 20)

Jamie from Sticky Feet 2 is giving away a LaZella Rose Boutique Cart Cover (ends Nov. 30)

Everything Up Close is giving 5 winners their choice of one showerhead from the following: The Monarch, The Water Lily, or The Macaw Handshower. (ends Nov. 23)

Holly from Creating Cupcakes is giving away: Free Wall Art to everyone who blogs & Grand prize winner gets a stamp set of their choice (ends Nov. 23)

ShoppingByMail is Giving Away: Tubes of Everyday Lip Gloss (All Natural, Cruelty-Free Lip Gloss) to first 10 commenters AND Double Your Order Coupon Codes to next 25 commenters (open until post reaches 35 commenters)

Lance from Popular Baby Products is giving away a $50 Gift Certificate to Sugar Sweet Baby (ends Nov. 19)


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Thank you! :-)

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giveaway for a children's book with entry of a blog post of a science experiment from the PBS website

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