Best Wishes!

Best Wishes bag from Somethingshidinghere

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The Bloggy Giveaways quarterly Carnival is here! Be sure to click here to find out about tons of awesome giveaways!

JulieAnnArt is giving away a Love Greeting Card Set, Art Print, Buttons (ends TODAY- hurry!)

Feels like Home is giving away a $50 gift certificate for Tiny Prints (US only. ends Today- HURRY)

Feels like Home is giving away 5 coupons, each for one free Sara Lee sweet goods product (1 winner) (US only. Ends TODAY)

Rachel over at Babies Beautiful is giving away - 3 Flower Clippies of your choice (ends Today- HURRY!)

Nicole over at LA Pretty is giving away a Love Pak set of 6 sexy, flirty cards. (ends January 28)

Toni over at Cheapo McFrugalPants is giving away a case of personalized fruit roll ups (ends January 30)

Heather over at Sugar Smitten is giving away: 1/2 pound of Sea Salt Caramels (ends January 30)

From Athena’s Desk is giving away dress from Gingerbreadbabies (ends January 30)

Enter to win a hand-knit wrist corsage from Wintergarden over at Funky Finds (ends January 30)

The Successful Single Mom Book is giving away 3 Successful Single Mom Success Packages (ends January 30)

Anna over at Misosouper isgiving away a pair of black pearl stud earrings (ends January 31)

Angela from quilting on the Run is giving away 2 yds moda spring fabric (ends February 1)

Visit 24/7 Mom for the Organize it Party daily giveaways (ends February 1)

Crystal over at Bead Happily Ever After is giving away: Royal Harlequin Earrings (ends February 1)

LoveEtsyFeedback is giving away 3 prizes from Geekdetails (ends February 1)

Michelle from Nature Manipulated is giving away one item from CitrusTree's shop (ends February 1)

Loni over at Writing Canvas is giving away: the book - Questions from Little Hearts (ends February 1)

Purple Goat Lady is giving away a pink valentine heart bracelet (ends February 2)

Tara over at Feels like Home is giving away a $280 pearl necklace from Pearl Paradise (ends February 2)

Gruntlings- All Things Baby & Kid is giving away: 5 copies of "Readeez", a learn-to-read DVD for kids (ends February 5)

Sherri aver at Daily Party Dish is giving away: Obama! The Card Game (ends February 5)

FourDogDay is giving away a decoupaged birdhouse and 3 photo greeting cards (ends February 13)

Toxiferous Designs is giving away: A 2009 Love To Cook Listmaker Weekly Magnetic Calendar and a Tattoo Heart and Dagger 1" Mini Button (ends February 14)

Quilting A.D.D. is giving away – two hats (ends February 26)

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