Happy 2009!

2009 calendar

Good morning friends! I’m back from my much enjoyed holiday break. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with “real” work but I had to take some time to post these amazing giveaways. I will be back later to announce the winner of the Buddha pin.

p.s. I hope 2009 brings each and every one of you lots of love and success!

(image by Orange Beautiful)

Mom Fuse is giving away a Piggy Paint Gift Set, a Boon Bug Pod, and The Beauty Closet - Rosie Jane Trio (ends TODAY- hurry!)

Women-Prenuergalore is giving away a soy candle (ends January 6)

Lance from Popular Baby Products is giving away a Piggy Paint Gift Pack (ends January 7)

Win a $25 gift certificate from Winemaker's Sister over at Funky Finds (ends January 8)

Forward Thinker is giving away a Per Annum Prize Pack (submit your photo by January 8)

LoveEtsyFeedback is giving away earrings from PinqueChocolat (ends January 8)

Woolies is giving away soap! (ends January 8)

Little Gray Pixel is giving away The Catbird Seat postcard set (ends January 9)

Disgraced Shopping is giving away: Your choice of Obama goodies to celebrate the inauguration. (ends January 9)

Theresa from Coffee Beans and Kisses is giving away: Gymboree Gymbucks (ends January 10)

LoveEtsyFeedback is giving away a $15 voucher to MerriwoodDesigns (ends January 10- US only)

Emily is giving away a stationary holder made from a recycled table cloth and a little felt owl made from material scraps (ends January 10)

Kathy from Soul Reader is giving away: A 3 month astrology forecast and herbal elixir (ends January 10)

Liz Rosenbaum is giving away GymSoap! (ends January 10)

Alyce from At Home With Books is giving away the books: Dark Pursuit by Brandilyn Collins, Queen of Oblivion by Giles Carwyn & Todd Fahnestock, Where Am I Wearing? by Kelsey Timmerman, Dating da Vinci by Malena Lott. (ends January 11)

Everything Up Close is giving away 3 Envirosak bags! (ends January 11- Canada and US only)

Everything Up Close is giving away a starter kit of Better Life natural cleaning products. (ends January 12- Canada and US only)

Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills is giving away: A Wear-Your-Heart-Around-Your-Neck Chunky Pendant Chain (ends January 12)

Everything Up Close is giving away your choice of either a bottle of All Natural Shaving Oil or the Nick Stick from Pacific Shaving Company. (ends January 12- Canada and US only)

Jean from Quilting Ranny is giving away 3 really cool glass paper weights/orbs (ends January 15)

Jean from Quilting Ranny is giving away an over the hill grandma and a book on getting old (ends January 15)

Nathalie from Women-Prenuer Galore is giving away a chenille plush bunny (ends January 15)

Liviania from In Bed With Books is giving away a signed copy of IN TOO DEEP (The Elite, Book 2) by Jennifer Banash (ends January 15)

Designs by Vanessa is giving away: A fabulous handbag by GirlyGirlBags (ends January 18)

Wendy's Minding Spot is giving away – ARC by Wicked by Any Other Name by Linda Wisdom (ends January 20)

Kristie from Usborne Activities For Kids is giving away The Usborne Book of your choice (ends January 20)

The Queen Speaks is giving away A handmade sodalite & sterling silver watch with a heart face, puffed heart charms & a heart spring clasp, double band of sodalite and sterling silver accents (ends January 23)

Kathy from Soul Reader is giving away: a Celtic Mermaid Print. Must sign up for the newsletter to enter. (ends January 25)

Margaret from Literary Menagerie is giving away The Time Traveler's Wife, by Audrey Niffenegger (ends January 31)

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Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

thanks again for listing my giveaway - you're a honey!