More giveaways- and a timeless book

Today is a rainy and gloomy day- perfect to curl up with a book. I’m currently re-reading this one.

It was a favorite of mine when I was in grammar school, and now I got the 25th anniversary edition that comes with a new foreword by the author.

* * *

Saving Cents with Sense is giving away over $400 worth of coupons, with 2 winners (ends April 10)

The Story of Kat is giving away a matroishka lavender sachet and a charming laundry bag to match- $38 total value (ends April 4)

Bead Happily Ever After is giving away: Limon Parfait Earrings (ends April 5)

Popular Baby Products is giving away A Baby Bouquets “Bed Time” gift layette (ends April 1)

BloggyMom Reviews is giving away Frecklebox Personalized Children's Gift (ends April 3)

Bob's Occasional Musings is giving away a 1gb mp3 player & a $25 Itunes gift card (ends April 18)

La Fuji Mama is giving away a Set of magnetic measuring spoons. (ends April 5)

Flamingo Junction is Giving away 1 pair of Earrings - Grab Bag Style (ends April 2)

Baby Loving Mama is giving away a WoobieDesigns Bib (ends April 14)

At Home With Books is giving away five copies of Girls in Trucks by Katie Crouch.(ends April 14)

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Brit said...

Daveandbritplusone.blogspot.com is giving away an adorable monogrammed pink and green picnic basket with white polka dots! Visit our site to enter! =)