Still active- giveaway roundup!

If you check this blog daily, then you might have seen these great giveaways before, and you might want to skip this post.

These were listed in the past few weeks, and since I don’t want them to get buried with the expired ones, I am doing a “Still Active: Giveaway Roundup!”

If you missed them the first time around- then be sure to enter. Good luck!

* * *

Super Healthy Kids is giving away a $100 Visa Gift Card (ends February 9)

The Giveaway Diva-Clutch That! Silk Peacock Clutch-$75 (ends February 14)

Adelle is giving away a handmade felted flower brooch! (ends February 2)

Maria over at Clamzee is giving away one of her photography prints - size 11 x 14 inch (ends January 31)

MTW DESIGNS is giving away a 7" Sterling Silver and Swarovski Pink Crystal Heart Bracelet.(ends January 31)

Pink Monkey is giving away Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion (ends January 31)

A Mom’s Rantings is giving away Melaleuca Renew Intesive skin Therapy Lotion (ends February 8-US and Canada)

ChampagneTaste is giving away a Burgandy Revlon Evening Bag! (ends February 14)

A Mom’s Rantings is giving away Zebra Eco Pens (ends February 28-US & Canada)

Suzanne over at Chelsuba is giving away a $30 gift voucher for Chelsuba (ends February 4)

Jacaranda Designs is giving away a pair of Pink Blossom Earrings (ends January 31)

Larger Family Lifeis giving away an Amazon Gift Voucher (ends January 31)

Captive Illusions is Giving Away a Custom made, machine embroidered, monogrammed mouse pad! (ends January 31)

Audrey's Give Away Blog is giving away a Silver Sundial Necklace, $120 (ends January 31)


Ketutar said...

It looks like you are forgotting the biggest give-away of them all... One World One Heart... right now there's over 700 blogs giving away something ;-)

Maria said...

Hi Ketutar- did you submit your giveaway? I have never heard of One World One Heart- sounds fun!

Cuckoo For Coupon Deals said...

I have a giveaway of Country Bob's Famous Sauce here: http://www.cuckooforcoupondeals.com/cuckoo-deals-exlusive-giveaways/county-bobs-sauce/