April 9th giveaways!

Hi friends! I'm sorry that this has been such a slow week for this blog. I need to take a time management seminar or something to help me organize my time better.

I have lots of more e-mails to go through- but I am mostly going to be offline until mid-afternoon, so here are some giveaways to get you started this Friday morning.

Have a great one!

The Puzzler is giving away one copy of the cookbook Gourmet Game Night (ends April 11)

Sherbet Blossom
is giving away a $70 JJ Cole Collections Diaper Bag (ends TODAY-hurry!)

GALTime is giving away two designer tank tops made by Riley (ends TODAY-hurry!)

Our Family treat is giving away a rolling pin and cutting board from Curious Chef (ends TODAY-hurry!)

TanForLess/blog is giving Away: 4 Emerald Bay Tanning Lotions (ends TODAY-hurry!)

The Adventures of Jack Havoc and Kelevra the Dandelion Slayer is giving away the book "An Absence So Great" by best-selling author Jane Kirkpatrick (ends TODAY-hurry!)

clothed much, a modest fashion blog
is giving away winner's choice of dress from William Riera USA (ends TODAY-hurry!)

EyeCandies Blog is giving away a set of 2 handmade crocheted coasters (ends April 11)

My Precious Kid is giving away a $50 gift certificate for the submission we like best (ends April 15)

Nature Manipulated
is giving away a Pair of Green and Gold Shimmer and Sparkle Earrings (ends April 11)

The Sassy Silly Spunky Momma is giving away a WubbaNub and a Pacifier Pouch (ends April 13)

Pink Dandy Chatter is giving away a Set of 6 Spring Soy Tarts (ends April 18)

Babies Gotta Have It
is giving away Baby, Toddler or Girl's Floral Hair Accessory from Posh Little Tutus (ends April 12)

a thoughtful life
is giving away a $35 usd gift certificate to april marie mai's shop (ends April 30)

Hair On The Brain
is giving away Perricone Gentle Cleanser--a gentle, nourishing cleanser that’s ideal for all skin types (ends April 22)

Three Peas in a Pod is giving away $25.00 worth of random hair accessories (ends April 16)

Sarah from Redhead Recipes is giving away a $20 Gift Certificate to Tapeswell (ends April 11)

i art u is giving away a Hand Carved Vintage [Diana] Camera Stamp! (ends April 14)

Muse Reviews is giving away When Did I Get Like This? by Amy Wilson -5 winners (ends April 14)

JustGano is giving away an Earth Day Celebration eco-friendly trendy bracelet (ends April 22-USA only)

Heavenly Savings is giving away Winners Choice 5 ACEO Art Cards (ends April 22)

Favourite Vintage Finds
is giving away Willow & Quinn Hair Pins with Vintage Cabachons (ends April 22-Autralian Time)

a la Modest is giving away 2 handcrafted beaded cuff rings that can be worn as rings, pendants, or on hair pins. (ends April ?)

Audrey's Giveaways is giving away $20.00 Store Credit for use at gilliauna Etsy shop (ends April 23)

Freebie Spot - $50 off $100 Old Navy Coupon (ends April 10)

Freebie Spot - Just Let Me Lie Down by Kristin van Ogtrop (ends April 17)

Freebie Spot - Macy’s $25 Gift Card (ends April 17)

A Modern Day Ricky and Lucy is giving away 500 Business Cards from UPrinting.com (ends April 17)

Miller Campbell Designs
is giving away Handmade Folk Art Flower Doll (ends April 22)

The Coupon Challenge- 4 Organic Surface Hair Care Products: Shampoo, Conditioner, Styling Spray, and Oil. Courtesy of Rudy and Kelly Hair Stylists (ends April 12)

Home and Harmony is giving away a set of 6 bee-embossed drinking glasses- made in France (ends April 13)


Rachel said...

Thanks for posting up my giveaway! Sorry, I must've not specified the end date. It's April 19 for the
"a la Modest (alamodest.com) handcrafted beaded cuff rings"

Sorry about that! Thanks again :)

nayaJ said...

I understand we are all busy these days. If you need an assistance, or someone to help out, feel free to contact me :)

Just Get A New One said...

Thanks a bunch for posting our Earth Day Giveaway! Everyone wins with JustGano!