Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Answers to the questions I get in my inbox regularly.

How do I submit a giveaway?

Send me an e-mail with your giveaway details. Please read these guidelines before emailing me.

Why don’t you post every day?

I have gotten better about this :) I post Monday through Friday.

Why didn’t you post a picture of my giveaway item?

If you visit my blog regularly, you will notice that in order to keep a minimalist and clean look- I only post one picture per post. I choose the pictures I post based on what I like and what I feel my readers will like.

What is a featured giveaway?

A featured giveaway is a sponsored spot. A giveaway will stay at the top of the page on Blog Giveaways until the giveaway expires (or for the amount of time that you request) and will include a picture of the giveaway item. If you would like a featured giveaway spot, please e-mail me for rates.

Why do some blogs get their giveaways listed in their own separate post?

Blogs who get their own post are usually sponsors. Blog Giveaways sponsors have their button/ad posted on the sidebar and any giveaways they host during that time will get listed in a separate post. It’s a way to highlight their giveaway and thank them for their support.

Why haven’t you posted my giveaway?

I am human- I will sometimes miss giveaways. I will sometimes forget to check my spam folder. And sometimes giveaways expire before I get around to posting them.

Before e-mailing me with this question- please ask yourself the following:

Did you follow the submission guidelines? If your e-mail looked like this:

Hey- I’m hosting a great giveaway, check it out! (insert link)

Then I probably deleted it and moved on to the next e-mail.

If your e-mail was a long letter giving me a super detailed description of your company, the services you provide ect. Then I will definitely delete it and move on to the next e-mail. My submission guidelines clearly state that you provide a short description of your giveaway item. I don't have the time to read 5 paragraphs in every e-mail just to find out what you are giving away.

How long ago did you submit your giveaway? If you sent me an e-mail 24 hours ago- I have probably not gotten around to reading it, let alone posting it. Please be a little patient with me.

Is your giveaway a no strings attached giveaway? If you are giving away a $10 certificate and your shop doesn’t have anything for $10 or less-then you are really only offering a discount- not a giveaway.

Why don’t you change your layout?

This question makes me laugh. Apparently some people really hate my layout! I have always been a fan of lists- and I happen to really like my clean and minimalist layout. Maybe one day I will get bored and change things up a bit- but for now it works for me.


Angie said...

Good for you! I love your site and visit everyday to check for the best giveaways!!!

Thanks for all you do...Angie

Elaine said...

Don't change your layout!!! The reason I stuck with your blog is because it IS clean. Some giveaway blogs are messy.

Enter to win a professional flat iron!
clothed much, a modest fashion blog

Grace said...

I like your clean minimalist layout. Its easy to read! Thanks for listing all the amzaing giveaways. Thanks for all you do.
a faithful reader!

Menopausal New Mom said...

Thank you for posting this, I happen to like the easy-to-read format you have on your site :)

ohhhfire said...

i just want to say that i like your layout and any change would be confusing, i find your blog very useful and helpful! thanks

Lydia said...

Thanks for posting this! It did answer some of my q's. :) I love this website- thanks for all you do!

Shannon said...

Don't change anything! I love your blog. The list format works for me. And I like that it's all just right there without a bazillion pictures. Thanks for keeping it up!

Anonymous said...

I like your layout just fine. :)

Also I understand why you can't post every day, but I also understand why people want you to! I just recently found this site, and already check back daily and HOPE to see some new goodies!

Izzatul Iman said...

I have question here...

Does the item to be given away will be sent to anywhere in the world or just around US? because i see somw blog/website state the condition "for US residents age 18++"...

I ask this because I'm not from US.

Saving Money Online said...

Giveaway a really helpful blog and also Thanks for listing all the amzaing giveaways.

Maria said...

Thank you for the sweet comments everyone :)

Izzatul- when a blog editor submits a giveaway that has restrictions (such as: USA residents only, or Canada & USA) It's included in the post.

If an editor doesn't include a restriction in the e-mail, then it is probably worldwide.

But please remember to read the entire post of a giveaway you are entering- just to be sure of the rules and guidelines.

hope this helps! :)

Izzatul Iman said...

Thank you Maria...

I hope that each giveaway didn't forget to include this restriction since I'm not US or Canada residents.

Marina said...

I also like your layout. I myself chose not to have a picture on top as part of the blog design, and I get the same questions :)