Frequently Asked Questions II

Frequently Asked Questions: Part II

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I submitted 5 or more giveaways this week and you didn’t post all of them, what’s up with that?

If one blog is hosting lots of giveaways every week- I don’t think that all of them need to be listed (with the exception of blog sponsors)

I want to be fair to everyone who submits their information and I like to post a nice variety of blog giveaways on here. I know my readers appreciate coming here and finding new blogs and a good mix of giveaways.

Because of this, I have implemented a new policy for blogs that submit 5 or more giveaways per week. You can read it here.

I posted your button on my blog- does this mean you will list all of my giveaways?

Posting the Blog Giveaways button on your blog does not guarantee that all of your giveaways will get listed.

I posted your button on my blog, will you post mine on yours?

I'm sorry, but I do not do button exchanges. I get too many requests and my sidebar is reserved for advertisers/sponsors. Thank you for understanding!

My company would love to give something away to your readers. Do you host giveaways on your blog?

I do host giveaways for products I have personally reviewed and/or for blog sponsors. Please e-mail me for more information.

Will you contact me to let me know when you have listed my giveaway on your blog?

No, I will not. If I e-mailed everyone just to let them know their giveaway is up- I would never get off the computer. I usually do one post a day- so you could always just stop by the blog to see if you have been listed.

I e-mailed you last night, my giveaway expires today- why didn’t you list it in today’s post?

I have probably not read your e-mail. I usually create a post during the afternoon/early evening and schedule it to publish in the morning. So even though you see a post this morning- it is very likely that I have not accessed my giveaways e-mail for 14+ hours.

Do you have a twitter account?

Yes, but I use it mostly to talk about and promote my vintage shop. If you wish, you can follow me here.

Do you have a facebook account?

No, I do not.


Pam said...

I love your blog and your very clear posts, the only thing I would love to see added is to note which giveaways are open worldwide. Internet is very inter-national and there are many of us that are not in the US or Canada.
Of course it´s your blog and it´s great, this is just a suggestion.
Thanks for listening!

Maria said...

Hi Pam!

thank you for the suggestion. If you look over the blog posts- you will notice that a lot of them have restrictions listed along with the date the giveaway ends.

for example (ends May 10/USA) would mean that the giveaway is only for USA residents.

If a giveaway doesn't have a restriction listed- that means the blogger who submitted the giveaway didn't include any. This usually means that the giveaway is open worldwide.

hope that helps :)

Thank you for visiting Blog Giveaways!

Anonymous said...

Here are two more question.

Do you only list contests if they submitted to you, or do you sometimes just stumble across them yourself and add them?

Do you only accept submissions from the party holding the contest, or could I notify you about a contest someone else is holding?

Maria said...

The majority of the giveaways I list (about 98%) have been submitted to me. The only exception is giveaways from blogs that I subscribe to.

Sometimes I'll be browsing the blogs on my Google reader and if one of them is hosting a giveaway that I think my readers will love- I will list it.

As long as you have all of the details (item, link, end date) then you can go ahead and e-mail me the details.

Thanks! :)

Pam said...

Thanks!!! I´ll be checking that!

Alexa said...

Hello Maria,
I couldn't find in your FAQs any questions concerning Facebook - if I don't have a blog but have a giveaway with all the giveaway details on my facebook fan page, could I submit that information still, or are you restricting this? Thank you :)

Maria said...

Alexa- Facebook giveaways are ok :)