sponsor welcome: teecycle!

Hi everyone!
I wanted to take a moment to welcome our newest sponsor: Teecycle!

Teecycle's mission is to reclaim cool pre-loved vintage T-shirts, one shirt at a time. Your shirt makes the best use of our resources, and $1 of each sale goes to help restore urban rivers and trails.

Reduce. Reuse. Teecycle.

Also- I just noticed that we have reached over 700 public followers! Thank you so much to everyone who visits/subscribes to Blog Giveaways- you rock!

p.s. if you are interested in sponsoring Blog Giveaways please e-mail me for rates.

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kraftykash said...

Im currently hosting a giveaway a day the 1st wk in May to celebrate my blog-o-versary. Come check it out :) www.kraftykash.blogspot.com