JUNE 22nd- giveaways!

Hello friends! I hope you are ready to enter lots and lots of giveaways- it's "i'm playing catch up" day again! here is the first batch:

Mi Joya is giving away jewelry! 1 set with 2 pair studded earrings & 1 set including a ring and one pair studded earrings (ends July 8)

After the artists way is giving away away a book about creativity every week until the end of 2010! (ends December 22, 2010!)

Mommy Living the Life of Riley!
– Powermat Home and Office Mat AND Your Choice of two Adapters (ends July 16)

Pebble Soup is giving away a year free subscription to Cook vegetarian! (ends June 28)

Quick Tattletails is giving away Touch'd Bath Butter body wash (ends June 30)

Quick Tattletails is giving away Tropical Tradition's Antioxidant Natural Greens (ends June 30)

Haute Whimsy is giving away a $100 Beso.com Gift Card! (ends June 30)

Vintage Shouting is giving away a custom made handmade clay magnet, which will be made to look like the winner.(ends June 30)

Three Silly Monkies
is giving away 2 Handmade name bracelets (ends July 1)

Spend It Wisely is giving away 2 EcoTools Eye Brush Kit Sets (ends June 24)

the rikrak studio is giving away a beautiful pair of eco friendly handmade metalsmithed earrings by the fabulous artist elisa shere. (ends June 23)

the rikrak studio
is giving away a gorgeous handmade journal by the fabulous Rag & Bone Bindery (ends June 24)

A Primitive Place is giving away a gathering of primitive, home made, Christmas decorations. (ends July 7)

Joyful Creations is Giving away a $40 CSN gift certificate (ends June 24)

Sinful Southern Sweets
is giving away a $60 gift certificate to CSN stores (ends June 25)

The Crimson Owl
is giving away a handmade zipper hair comb, earrings, nail polish and fashion tape (ends June 24)

Leslie Loves Veggies- The Original Grill Daddy Grill Cleaner. 2 Winners! (ends July 4)

Leslie Loves Veggies-
Mia's Kitchen Gourmet Prize Package. 2 Winners! (ends July 4)

Mom Start – Finish Qunatumatic- 11 Winners! (ends June 28/USA)

Mom Start – Borders 100.00 Gift Cards -2 winners! (ends July 1/USA)

Mom Start
– 40.00 Gift Card 1800Flowers (ends June 28/USA)

Mom Start – Epson Picturemate Show (ends June 28/USA)

That's IT Mommy
- BEGIN SMART Books (ends June 27)

That's IT Mommy
- Gazillion Bubble Machine (ends June 27)

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Leslie M. said...

Thanks for listing so many great giveaways and including a few of mine Maria!!!
Leslie Loves Veggies