November 3rd- giveaways!

Hello friends! I had an early dentist appointment today and I found out that they need to remove my four wisdom teeth. Needless to say, I am a nervous wreck- just thinking about the procedure :(

I am a little behind on my e-mails- so if you are waiting for a reply from me or for your giveaway to be posted please be a little patient with me.

Anyway, I hope your Wednesday is a good one :)

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Leslie Richman said...

Sorry to hear about your dental news- I hope all goes well!!!

april brooks said...

Oh man! I used to really HATE going to the dentist. It invoked the fight or flight response in me every time. I finally found a dentist who understands that when I say "I want to punch you in the face and then run away because you inspire primal terror." what I really mean is "May I please have one valium to take before I get here and then laughing gas and a blanket?". I didn't even know that was an option and I don't ever take things like valium, but it has made going to the dentist almost pleasant. Good luck with your procedure and remember there are great dentist offices out there!

Maria said...

Thank you for the good wishes Leslie :)

April- thank you for the laughs! I have never taken Valium- but I have definitely heard of the great calming effects that is has. I get to meet my oral surgeon next week (my regular dentist will not be the one doing the procedure) so I hope that she will help put me at ease about the whole thing.

Nupur said...

Sorry about the dental stuff- hope they manage to make it as painless as possible! I remember my spouse having to go through this, and he ate plenty of smoothies, jello and mashed potatoes for a while.

Marlowe said...

I just had all four of my impacted wisdom teeth taken out the first of October by an oral surgeon. Im the biggest baby I know and I was scarred out of my mind (I canceled two previous appt out of fear)! But i bit the bullet and got it done and everything was fine...nothing to worry about :) I promise

jhitomi said...

so sorry to hear about the teeth. Dental stuff is the Worst thing for me, I hate it. But I did have the wisdom teeth out and because they knock you out enough, it will be fine! (I also take valium and laughing gas when I go to the dentist and that's just for cleaning! Honest)

Maria said...

Thank you very much for the encouraging words everyone! they are definitely helping calm my nerves a bit. :)

Marlowe- I was considering re-scheduling the appointment because I am also a baby! but I know it has to get done- so might as well get it over with asap.

Rose said...

You will be fine with your wisdom teeth! I had mine out at the hospital about 4 years ago and it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be, plus you get time off work :D always a plus! I thought the worst part of it all was waking up after the anesthetic.


Leslie M. said...

Good luck on your Wisdom Teeth Maria! I had my for removed ions ago. I'll keep you in my prayers


Leslie Loves Veggies

jhitomi said...

Please keep us posted about the oral surgery. I come to your blog everyday. Even tho you're not one of those personal family/mommy blogs, you provide such a service to us on these giveaways, I for one would like to know if you have something on your mind or if we can support you in any way!

Sarah said...

I had mine out a few years ago, and I was terrified, but they put me to sleep, and I don't remember even waking up, til I was at home!! YOu'll be out of it for the first day from the remnents of the medicine, but after that, it's surprising how fast you are up and about, and how little it actually affects you!! Make sure, if possible, you have someone there the first day though to get you drinks and stuff so you can just rest and sleep and not move around!