December 2nd- giveaways!

** EDIT** A wonderful blogger just let me know today is actually THURSDAY not Tuesday. What can I say? Sometimes my week is one big blur.

It is a cold morning here today- it's officially time for scarfs and gloves. Wherever you are-stay warm and have a very HAPPY THURSDAY!

Once Upon A Chef is giving away - Le Creuset 5-quart Enameled Cast Iron French Oven -color of your choice! (Ends December 10)

Unique jewelry by Les Bijoux Crea-Lune is giving away a pair of moonstone earrings (Ends December 19)

Ash & Lew Plus2 is giving away – Alexia Food Company products includes an apron hot pad, oven mitt and one free Alexia frozen product!! (ends December 4)

Savor The Days is giving away EZ Sox, training socks for toddlers (ends December 10)

Leslie Loves Veggies- Bountiful Vegan ~ Coffee & Cookie Gift Basket. (ends December 18)

Averagebetty is giving away – Bon Appetit Desserts Cookbook by Barbara Fairchild. Filled with over 600 tested recipes. (ends December 3)

Sandy a la Mode is giving away – $25 shop credit to Allora Handmade (ends December 6)

That's IT Mommy is giving away a Fisher Price On-the-Go Activity Zebra (Ends December 12)

Painted Panache by Joann Y Wheeler
is giving away – Set of 8 place card holders. (ends December 8)

babygoodbuys - Clorox Toilet Wand Gift Set (ends December 3)

babygoodbuys - $50 Gift Card to American Eagle Outfitters &/Or 77Kids (ends December 3)

babygoodbuys - $50 Visa Gift Card (ends December 3)

Mammamoiselle is giving away a $25 Gift Card Starbucks (ends December 5)

EcoDog Blog is giving away – WildTime Natural Foods Prize Package - 3 Lucky Winners!! (ends December 5)

my lil budge book is giving away a Thick Rhinestone holiday bracelet (ends December 7)

my lil budget book is giving away a pair of sunglasses from Sunglass Warehouse (ends December 7)

Cut-Stuffs is giving away A kawaii flashing milk charm - 3 winners (ends December 5)

MadeInCanarias is giving away – solid colored Baggu bag -color of winner’s choice (ends December 9)

Mullins Musings is giving away a complete Black & White 12x12 Power Palette System by Creative Memories (ends December 5)

Dragonfly Kisses Jewelry is giving away – $40.00 dollars to spend in their Etsy shop. (ends December 12)

A Nut in a Nutshell - A Walk in My Shoes DVD/CD Soundtrack Bundle (ends December 11)

A Nut in a Nutshell - Sqwishlanders Set of 24 (ends December 12)

A Nut in a Nutshell - Sir Bingley $50 GC (ends December 13)

A Nut in a Nutshell - Maukilo Toys $25 GC (ends December 14)

A New Life is giving away two beautiful children's books from Tommy Nelson Kids focusing on teaching children the meaning of holiday prayer and ways to give to others in need (ends December 5)

Bag Lady's Ramblings is giving away an Ed Hardy Laptop Backpack (ends December 9)

Belle de Couture is giving away a A leather handbag (ends December 7)

Nancy's Daily Dish is giving away a Pillow of Choice from Etsy shop Word Garden (ends December 7)

Cheap Single Chick is giving away a $5 Amazon Gift Code (ends December 8)

Simply Sweet Home is giving away – The Magic Warble book (ends December 12)

Simply Sweet Home is giving away a Make Your Own Candy Kit (ends December 6)

Simply Sweet Home is giving away – Dreamy Eyes Toy (ends December 12)

Coupon Cookin' -Smiley Cookies-1 Package of Smiley Cookies (ends December 5)

Savin' Some is giving away one box of The Original Smiley Cookies (ends December 4)

Mommy’s Sweet Things is Giving Away: The Bra Bag from The Brag Company (ends December 15)

Three Different Directions - 3D Owners Guide to the Millennium Falcon Book (Ends December 13/USA)

Three Different Directions - Reverse-A-Purse Giveaway - 1 Purse + Reversible Cover = 3 Purses in 1! (Ends December 13/USA)

Three Different Directions - Future Oxygen Pendant or Keychain - When you're finished using it you can plant it, and it will grow wildflowers! (Ends December 12/USA)

Three Different Directions - Savvycents Wallet - Helps organize if you use a Cash based envelope budget system. (Ends December 11/USA)

Play That Now - 10 Minute Solution: Rapid Results Fat Burner DVD - Workout DVD (Ends December 11/USA)

Play That Now - 10 Minute Solution: Pilates for Beginners DVD - Workout DVD (Ends December 10/USA)

The Pepper & Her Pups is giving away – Organic Japanese Kawaii Bunny Onesie from Namu (ends December 12)

The Pepper & Her Pups is giving away – Free Customized Lullaby "Premium Package" from Lullaby of Love (ends December 10)

Brooklyn Posh is giving away Beginner Muffin Pans (ends December 23)

Blue Butterfly Vintage is giving away an 8x10 Art Print (ends December 6)

Blue Butterfly Vintage is giving away a Scentsy Plug In Burner and Scent Bar (ends December 7)

Silver & Grace is giving away – 3 copies of book The Brutal Telling (ends December 15)

Every Mom Has Her Day is giving away Caviahue Thermal Mud & Thermal Water from Acquaessentials.com (ends January 1)

My Little Review Corner- $25 gift certificate to Bubble&Bee Organics (ends December 17)

My Little Review Corner is giving away a set of wildlife animal toys from Schleich (ends December 17)

Wide Open Spaces is giving away a copy of the book Bittersweet by Shauna Niequist (ends December 8)


Patty Mullins said...

Thanks for including me! BTW... it's Thursday. ;)

Maria said...

hahah- Patty- thank you SO much for the comment. I seriously thought today was Tuesday. I am going crazy over here. :) On the bright side- the weekend is closer than I thought! ;)