Featured Giveaway: stationary art

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Stationary Art
is giving away a Pilot Choose Gel Pen 0.7mm, 12 Color Set- there will be 2 winners!

To enter, click here.

(ends February 15)


Janay said...

Love your blog. Thanks for posting all of these giveaways. I have giveaways on my blog sometimes, too.

It's http://janaygreen.blogspot.com.

Right now I have a giveaway contest for a pair of handmade bottle cap earrings here: http://janaygreen.blogspot.com/2011/02/gimme-giveaway-free-bottle-cap-earrings.html

What do we have to do to have you blog about our giveaways?

Janay said...

By the way, I found your posting about how to submit giveaways to your blog. It's really simple. Thanks for allowing submissions!

Have a very blessed day, Maria.