Sponsor Welcome: GoTablePads.com

Today, I would like to give a warm welcome to our newest blog sponsor: GoTablePads.com

GoTablePads.com is owned and operated by Wholesale Furniture Brokers.

Do you want to protect all dining room, office, coffee, buffet, and pool tables in your home?

At GoTablePads.com you can get the best deals on custom dining table pads so you can preserve the beauty and charm of your furniture for years!

Their latest addition is the dining room table extension pad- pictured below.

Currently all table pads available to order are manufactured by Ohio Table Pad Company. And everything includes free shipping!

Also, Americans don’t have to pay sales tax when they order online and anyone can save $10 when they order $349 or more with the coupon code: SAVE$010

p.s. today is the last day for submissions for GoTablePad.com's Easter Table Pad giveaway!

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