Sponsor Welcome: My Busy Children Blog

Hello friends! Today I want to give a warm welcome to one of our newest blog sponsors: My Busy Children Blog!

My Busy Children Blog is written by Marina (pictured above with her two girls) and she writes about her family adventures, documents funny things her kids say, and remembers to capture precious moments on video. She has tips where to go with kids in Atlanta and in Charleston.

Marina is teaching her kids two languages and posted her thoughts on this topic in the articles How to raise bilingual children and How to teach children a foreign language.

Marina is concerned about proper nutrition for our kids and has published articles with tips on buying chemicals-free food and teaching kids to eat vegetables.

And since I know we all love free stuff, you will love all of the fun giveaways offered by My Busy Children. I have been publishing them since last week- but in case you have missed them- you can find all of her amazing giveaways by clicking here.

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