CANCELED! Featured Giveaway: a subtle revelry

**This is a featured giveaway and will remain at the top of the page until the giveaway closes. Please scroll down to see new giveaways!**

This giveaway has been canceled. Thank you to the commenters who alerted me to the fact that the link wasn't taking them to the giveaway. I contacted a subtle revelry and was informed that this giveaway was canceled. Thank you for your patience and understanding!


Rachael SparkFire said...

Thanks for always finding the hottest giveaways! You are my true hero on the blog market :) xoxo, Sparks

MIndy M said...

I follow the link but I can not seem to find anything about the giveaway. Am I missing something?

Kari Shifflett said...

Same her, I just get to her beautiful Christmas Magazine