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Updated December 10, 2010

Please read before submitting your giveaway.

If you have a giveaway and would like to be included in one of my daily postings, please send me an e-mail at bloggiveaways [at]gmail [dot] com and include the following:

1. Name- no need to give me your full name, and if you don’t want your name mentioned at all, then feel free ignore this part.

2. Blog Name – Pretty self explanatory :)

3. What you are giving away – please do not give me a link to your blog, and please don’t copy and paste your entire blog post. Just give me a small description of what you are giving away.

4. Direct link to your giveaway- Please copy the entire link and include that in your e-mail. Do not make it a tiny URL.

5. Date your giveaway ends

6. Giveaway restrictions (if any) – for example is it open to USA residents only? Or is everyone eligible?

Here is a sample submission:

Blog Giveaways
$60 CSN gift Certificate
July 29
USA and Canada

That’s it! Easy as 1, 2, 3

Please note: If your e-mail doesn't include all of the information listed above, I can't guarantee that your giveaway will be listed, as I don't have time to visit and read each blog to find out the specifics of each giveaway.

If you are planning on submitting more than 5 giveaways per week- please read this announcement.

Before e-mailing me with a question- please review my F.A.Q. section.

Finally, feel free to leave a comment linking to your giveaway- BUT if you want it to appear in the daily posting, then please e-mail me with the information, otherwise it will only appear in the comments section.

Thank you!


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erin, maker of chimes said...

What a great idea! I'll be back often to see what all people are insisting on giving away :)

PAC said...

Such an awesome idea for a blog!

Wendy said...

I sent you my giveaway info! Thanks so much!

Handcrafted by LaMar said...

sent my information and Thank You so much for putting this together

Rachelle S said...

I have one ending soon :)

Pennies In My Pocket said...

Just found your blog! I LOVE IT! I sent you an email with the contest I have going on. THANKS!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to my blog! I am having 7 days of giveaways for breast cancer awareness. Today is Day 5.

Thanks again!

Sheri S. said...

What a great blog idea! I just sent you an email with info about my giveaway!


Anonymous said...

great idea - I'll have to send you info for a giveaway.

Meghan Fabulous said...

Hey, We love your blog and would love it if you could link The Daily Fab by Meghan Fabulous and in return we will link your blog as well!!! We are currently in the process of starting a giveaway so we are definitly planning on contacting you to post it on your blog!
Such a great idea!

Stay Fabulous!

Fifi Flowers said...

I just found your blog trying to find another blog that I promised I would giveaway a book through. Glad I found you.
You might be interested to know that I am having a weekly giveaway until the end of the year!
Ooh La La Giveaway!
The first week ends tonight at midnight... Next week's giveaway will begin Wed to Fri... and so on and so on. My first winner will be announced on Monday with more details about how this giveaway will continue.
I would love to have my giveaways announced on your site!
ENJOY your weekend!

Jennifer Moore said...

I'm having my first ever blog giveaway!! I love contests!!



I am Harriet said...

I have two giveaways right now. They both end on Dec. 1st.
Capricorn Barbie and Desperate Housewives.

Anonymous said...

I have two giveaways listed every week for moms with baby girls...please check it out! To win all you have to do it sign up on the mailing list and leave a comment!

hope you stop by!

Zingo Tots said...

Awesome blog! Just emailed you with a giveaway!

Jennifer Moore said...

What an awesome blog!! Thanks so much for letting me post my new giveaway for a Handstamped Personalized Silver Pendant


Savings Chatter

Rhonda Gales said...

Great blog. Glad I found you. I love entering and hosting give aways.

Rachelle S said...

Hi, I am having a Holiday Giveaway right now! Enter to win a bag of Red Hots and cookie cutters!


rebekaha said...

Having a giveaway right now...102 1/2 Wishes Vintage Handmade Journal.


AngiDe said...

Your blog is great! Thanks for listing my giveaways!

"Nana's Box"

Kathy said...

How neat of you to do this. I am having my very first Giveaway at http://fourdogday.blogspot.com. I'll e-mail you and thanks again!

Alexis said...

Thanks, this is great! I'm doing a weekly giveaway for my fused dichroic glass jewelry, this week its a whole set. Sign up now, I draw a winner every Sunday at,


KMalinkaVintage said...

Wonderful idea for a blog. Thanks:)

Nature Manipulated said...

Monday Giveaway on my blog. New weekly feature.

This week's giveaway is from Etsy's CitrusTree.


Blueberry Junkie said...

Onesie Giveaway!! Ends January 31.



Unknown said...

I am hosting a giveaway right now on my blog. There are three chances to win a bottle of Zarbee's Natural Cough Syrup. Stop on by! This ends on Feb. 4th 09.



Melissa said...

I am giving away a great cookbook and grocery pad. It is really a great meal planning tool. The winner will receive 1 Stocked Host Taste cookbook and grocery pad.

Visit: http://thedomesticengineer.blogspot.com/2009/02/crafty-weekend-home-tweet-home-and.html

Thank you!

Cales said...

Great idea! I am hosting my very first giveaway on my blog today! Visit www.marielynnboutique.blogspot.com for more information!

Anonymous said...

Sponsoring my first giveaway from The Lollipop Book Club! Love that you give us the opportunity to spread the word on your blog. Thank you!

Joy Luciano said...

I'm having a giveaway on my blog:


Win a FREE copy of the book Passion Parties Guide to Great Sex!


Horse Creek Jewelry said...

I submitted a giveaway. Thank you very much!

niagaragirl said...

Hey thanx for setting this up. I will be doing some baking giveaways later in the year, and this is a great way to get the word out. I have you marked for future reference.

Candice Edgar said...

Hi, I am having a giveaway at http://aquiltisnice.blogspot.com/2009/02/daffodillhill-giveaway.html
for free fabric! I left an email for you!

Shelly Geller said...

You are A-MAZING! I am giving away a FREE Full BLOWN Photography Session in the Salt Lake City Utah area. This is a $300 value.

Unknown said...

hi! I'm having a giveaway TODAY ONLY for Lucky Friday the 13th!
My name: Kathy Weller , Wellerwishes

Blog name: Wellerwishes

Giveaway item: Archival signed "Lucky Cats" print

Direct link:

Ends: 2/14/09 12:01 AM


Baby Tai said...

We have a giveaway that starts today and ends in a week. Enter to win a free beautiful Baby Tai Mei Tai baby carrier! Check out www.babytai.com to enter.

Anonymous said...

Kiss My Face Potent & Pure Facial Care

Ends 03/01


Thank you!

-Sarah :)

Terri Pezzullo - Handmade said...

I just found your blog! I am having a giveaway but it end shortly. I will contact you earlier for my next one!! Thanks

Unknown said...

three times a bridesmaid, $25 Target giftcard, http://threetimesabridesmaid.today.com/2009/02/22/my-first-contest-win-a-target-gift-card/, Ends March 2. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Great Blog! I just started my first giveaway and have entered several others :)

my blog is: duncansonart.com, I sent you an e-mail with my giveaway info, would be great if you could use it on your site :)

I also added your button to my blog.

Thanks a bunch!

Horse Creek Jewelry said...

Thanks for doing this..love your blog. Great place for the know on giveaways!

Lori Lavender Luz said...

Giving away 3 Ear Bud Yo-Yos. It prevents tangling of earphone cords on iPods and other MP3 players.


Giveaway ends March 1.

Meredith said...

I just found your blog. What a great idea!

I am giving away a set of four tickets to the Ringling Brothers Circus at the Prudential Center (New Jersey) through tomorrow.

Here's the link:
This Charming Life

Unknown said...

Thanks for doing this.

My Etsy.com giveaways can be found here:


Deb said...


I'm giving away a hand painted canvas with a sweet little angel on it. The angel is made from Clay. Please stop by and see it. No strings attached, just leave a comment. (Subscribe if you like my blog.)

Simply faBOWlous® Blog said...

Thanks for letting me post our Giveaway.

Business Name: Simply faBOWlous

Giveaway Item: Heartbreaker Tattoo Art Baby Hat

Giveaway Ends: March 15, 2009 (US Only)

Jack said...

Love this idea! Thanks for this :)

My first giveaway in honour of my blogs 1st birthday. Come check it out at Slightly Off-Center :)

Unknown said...

I'm giving away one of my original watercolour paintings and five limited edition prints here.

I've sent you an email with the details

LillyShayStyle said...

I have a great giveaway going on right now! You have a chance to win a tie-dye Owl Pillow! Very Cute!
Ends March 8th! (Midnight)

TiLT said...

I am so glad I found you :)
I put your button up on one of my blogs at http://tilttreasures.blogspot.com (may add it to another)

I will be sending off the info for my first giveaway...for now, it is at

Horse Creek Jewelry said...

Hi Maria! I added your button to my blog sidebar today. I also emailed you a new giveaway..adorable crochet slippers. I hope you got that? Thanks so much for all you do!

Jenni said...

I'm so glad I found your blog! What a great idea--and a beautiful site, I might add.

I have a giveaway coming up in a couple of days. I'll send the info when it's ready! Thanks so much!

Julia said...

Can you include my giveaway of a pink rose print cobbler style apron valued at $39.99 at The Apron Goddesses? The giveaway ends March 7 midnight.

The direct link is:


Thanks so much!! Julia

Anonymous said...

I will also e-mail this to you:

Blog: Writing Canvas

What you are giving away: Classic Bible Storybook republished from 1973 with over 120 short stories, perfect for bedtime.
Direct Link to Giveway: http://writingcanvas.wordpress.com/2009/03/04/wednesdays-walk-remembering-my-uncle-book-reviewgiveway-classic-bible-storybook-by-kenneth-n-taylor/

Date Giveaway Ends: Wednesday, March 11, 2009 @ 10:00 p.m. EST

Recupefashion said...

10$ gift card from Made by Oaklie at

Mary said...

Hi! This is a great idea! My name is Mary and I'm giving away 2 8x10 digital prints of a March-themed illustration to celebrate my 5-year blogiversary. Contest ends March 12th at midnight with winners to be announced on the 13th! See my blog for details:


Sharon said...

Win 10 weeks of Coupon inserts! Giveaway ends today at 6:00 PM EST. Five chances to win


Ali Holt said...

TickledChic giveaway!

Springtime Strawberry binky/pacifier clip..


Enter for your chance to win!

Beadin By The Sea said...

Thanks so much, I submitted my giveaway.

Lynne Campbell said...

Neat Blog.

Lynne at Seeking His Face In Everything:
Giving away a voucher for a free Nature's Source Natural Cleaning Product
ends March 25, 2009 at noon


Diana said...

THanks for this chance to announce our giveaway... We are giving away 3 pretty and functional handmade zip pouch, together with free international shipping!

Here's mine;


Kristen said...

Little Giraffe blankie giveaway @ www.whosekidsarethese.com

end on march 31st at midnight.


mishap said...

What a fantastic blog you have with giveaways. Here's the url to our giveaway, I have also sent an e-mail to you. Thank you


Lissa said...

2 Tickets ($40.00 value) to The Georgia Renaissance Festival.


Mea Culpa Bath and Body said...

Hi :-) the blogs name is Risky Beads and up for grabs is a eco friendly basket of different goodies: creams, soaps, bags, jewelery etc. It ends Apr 7th and the link is:


Peach Nia said...

1. Rebecca.

2. lovely little deer

3. pin set with love/hate on them

4. http://alovelylittledeer.blogspot.com/2009/03/interview-with-plastic-bat-and-amazing.html

5. april 13th

this is such a great blog!!

Unknown said...

Here's my giveaway of the day, a whole line of Seventh Generation cleanign products

Unknown said...

Felted Toys and Housewares Giveaway!!!


Missy said...

I am having an awesome giveaway this weekend and till the end of April. Purchase is not necessary but if you do it earns more entries...would this still work for the giveaway post?

thanks so much!


Joy said...

I just wanted to say thanks for listing my giveaways in the past :P

Tami said...

What a neat blog...
Would love to be listed...I am givingaway a GRUNGY BIRD NEST CANISTER on my second blog A GIRLS GOTTA NEST. My info has been sent!!

Thanks! Have a great weekend!

LillyShayStyle said...

Thank you for posting all these giveaways~ Theres mine, ends May 10th.

Youniquely Chic said...

I'm having a Mother's Day Giveaway on my blog! You could win a Swarovski Necklace and Earring set for Your Mom, Yourself or some other special lady!


Maria said...


Thrifty Ways and Ideas

3 - Macaroni Grill "What's For Dinner" Gift Baskets


Ends - May 5, 2009 at 9pm

Misty said...

Free 1000 Business Cards or 500 Brochures donated by UPrinting - enter by commenting and linking to the contest. Enjoy!


Bob's Occasional Musings said...

I am giving away a $30 Best Buy Gift Card. All you need to do is leave a comment on any of my posts between now and the 8th of May and you will be entered for the random drawing on the 9th.

Amanda K said...

Rimmel London Mascara & eye liner giver.


Nichol said...

I just found your blog great idea! I am giving away a Baby Sleeps Safe- a pouch your baby sleeps in to get rid of blankets to lessen the chance of SIDS ends 5/7 and Giggls Guide to Baby Gear- Smart shopping companion for new parents! Ends 5/13 http://kiddiescornerdeals.blogspot.com

Cthings said...

Thanks so much for offering this. I did send my info on PM!! Thanks and great to have this!

Unknown said...

Great blog! I host a Giveaway every Friday morning! I give away awesome gift cards from popular vendors. Name Brands like Olive Garden, Aeropostale, Best Buy, Victoria's Secret, Barne's & Noble, Old Navy, PF Chang's and so much more! Visit RockMyFriday.com and join the fun:)

Elle Moss said...

Hi there! Love your blog!

I am having a giveaway on my blog Diary of a Mod Housewife.

I am giving away a selection of Daisy Princess Paperie Fab notes and notecards.

Contest started today and ends midnight May 31,2009.

elle moss

G. said...

Love your blog (I just submitted my giveaways)!

Moms should be honored every day, not just once a year, right? Enter my Suave Haircare Giveaways Honoring Mothers Everywhere for 2 chances to win FREE Suave haircare products:


For His Grace said...

I'm giving away a beautiful rainbow colored Swarovski crystal bracelet on my blog. Ends May 30, 2009.


MOMMY-MOMO said...

Giving away a Discovery Toys HAMMER AWAY Toy
Ends 5/15

direct link:

Erin said...

Giving away a 16x20 poster print from uprinter.com. Ends Friday May 22

Vanessa @ See Vanessa Craft said...

Midnight Black Earring Giveaway, Ends 5/24:


Anjanette Young said...

Thank you again. Have a wonderful Monday...


errynshealthandbeauty.com said...

Hi there everyone! Gail from Oogle Makup and I have compiled a bunch of great stuff to give away. I run a beauty supply store and am throwing in $50 store credit for http://www.errynshealthandbeauty.com among a bunch of other neat stuff! Check out my blog here for details http://errynshealthandbeauty.blogspot.com/2009/05/gails-makeup-contest-for-may-win-cool.html
or you can go directly to Gails blog to see photos of all the neat stuff and contest details! http://ooglemakeup.blogspot.com/
You have to describe your signature look is all! firt second and third place winners will be awarded some great stuff.Makup Jewelry Haircare Nail care a lil of everything!

Heather K said...

I sent you my Layers Clothing giveaway info. Thanks!!!

Maya's Kalupi said...

Just emailed you.
Thank you!!!

Ken said...

Great blog! Looking for fathers day gifts? We're giving away an Armpod a day for 4 days starting May 29. Go over to http://www.giveawaytoday.blogspot.com/ and register. Discounts available even if you don't win! You'll love this product! www.armpod.com

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

hi! I just emailed you about my giveaway at Mama's Magic STudio. Thank you!

Shop with Me Mama said...

So glad I found your blog! Thanks for the posting my contest and I grabbed your button and put it in my blog roll :)

Shop with Me Mama said...

Thanks again! :)

Anonymous said...

Giving away a Little Patriot Toddler Quilted Throw - just in time for the July 4th Holiday.
Giveaway ends Friday June 19th at 5pm.
Enter to win

Unknown said...

Thank you for listing my giveaway, I sent you an email with the information.


stacey said...


Unknown said...

Thank you for listing my Keurig giveaway:

Flamingo Junction said...

I just posted a new giveaway for a pair of pink rose earrings.


Ends Sunday 6/28/09. Be sure to come in and enter!

Cara said...

I just submitted mine, but I'll leave a comment too :) Mine's at http://healthhomehappy.com and I'm giving away hand knitted scrubby dish cloths. US only, free shipping :)

(I'll see if I can hyperlink it ;)
dish cloth giveaway

Mad Em said...

Emily Horne


Trendy Tadpole T-shirt giveaway, Johnny Cash, The Clash and more


Giveaway ends Friday, July 3rd at midnight.

Thank you!!

Unknown said...

I have emailed you my giveaway information. What a super idea you have. Looking forward to viewing your blog frequently.

It's Daddies. Plural. said...

Thanks so much for your blog! I just submitted a $20 gift certificate to One Step Ahead via email. You can also find it here at: http://itsdaddiesplural.blogspot.com/2009/06/our-first-give-way.html

~Kimberly said...

I just submitted my giveaway! Thanks! http://www.cupcakecuppy.blogspot.com

Unknown said...

Thanks for this opportunity! I have a giveaway at Hearthside Happenings every month.


Mami Made It said...

Great idea!

Marianne said...

What a wonderful site and great idea! Thank you so much!

Saving Money Mommy said...

Thanks for helping us promote our giveaways!

Saving Money Mommy

Unknown said...

This is just such a helpful site! I love it! Thanks! And I love entering off of it! I'm stealing your button to post right now! Thanks again!
Blissful Bee Blogging...
heres the link to my new contest...

Scott said...

We're giving away a Christmas Stocking Hanging Kit over at yellowbrickhome.com! Ends November 30th. Good luck!!

Unknown said...

Perk Up Your Packages Kit - make your own tags and cards for your holiday packages - Enter to win by 11/29/09 Midnight PST


Good luck!

Sally said...

check out my giveaway! http://everythingisbetterpink3.blogspot.com/2009/11/giveaway-time.html

Haute Deals said...

I sent you my giveaway info. Thank you for your blog and posting!

Glitzy Glass said...

I have 3 things to give away From GLITZY GLASS STARS.
1- Clear beveled glass pendant
2- Small Blue Bird of Happiness
3- Free Special order Pendant (a pendant with a photo of someone special-mom, grandma, or child?

The giveaway is on GiveAwayToday.blogspot.com
Held: Dec. 3rd

TangerineSamurai said...

What an excellent idea! I'll be back to use and post! Thank you!

Kari said...

I have 2 give-aways that would be great for either Christmas gifts, kids birthdays or baby showers!


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Unknown said...

I have three giveaways currently running actually... heres the link the my newest one...

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Last week to enter the Introductory giveaway at hostessofthehumblebungalow
A Flourish and Happenstance Logan necklace from shopmarble.
Good luck!

Craft Gossip Felting said...

Giveaway: Stunning Felt Fingerless Gloves from NadiaDMiller’s EcoStreet USA



A. Drewes said...

Closet of Free Samples
Ends December 21st, 2009

SewArtsy said...

SewArtsy is giving away a Christmas-themed bundle - ends 12/18!
Stop by http://sewartsyblog.blogspot.com for details!

missprettyperfect said...

How exciting. Thank you so much for the service!

Tammie said...

NicolesNickels is having a CozyWallet Gift Basket Giveaway! Details here: http://bit.ly/7lgbYv

Jessica said...

This is such a great site. Thanks so much!

Bizee Mama said...

Thanks Maria for the support in my blog 'giveaway'! Not sure how I crossed your blog but, am apreciative! Happy New Year!

Karen@Zoe's Bag Boutique said...

I sent you my info and here's the link as well. Thanks Maria!

Karen said...

Hi Maria............I'm being featured on Give Away Today ( http://www.mygiveawaytoday.com/ ) tomorrow Jan. 8th, 9th & 10th......my giveaway will be tomorrow and I'll be gifting any pair of earrings on my site up to $40 and also 10% off anything on my website.

thanks so much!


Dress4Less said...

Enter to win this Funktional Leather Cuff by PureAddiction.com! Leather, chain and crystals tie up this rockin' cuff and it could be yours for FREE! Check it out and comment at http://www.celebritydress4less.com/funktional-leather-cuff-giveaway-from-pureaddiction/

Quiltingranny said...

I am so glad to have found you again. Stop by my blog for a very generous January giveaway:

Suzanne said...

Thank you for providing a great blog showing us all kinds of giveaways. You have made it easy for us to find them!

Stockpiling Mom said...

Stockpiling Moms'
Giving away (2) $25.00 GYMBUCKS.
Ends midnight on 1/13/10.


Unknown said...

MyBinocularHarness.com is giving away three camera/binocular harness straps.

Contest runs 12-25 January 2010.

For full contest details visit


ParkerMama said...

Tammy and Parker

Giving away two sets of alphabet stampers as well as a set of oversized stamp pads from Discount School Supply!


Contest runs until 1/29!

susie said...

what a great idea for a blog! I'll be checking back often!

Valerie said...

Giving away a free pair of Maximal Art by John Wind earrings!
Ends Valentines Day (Feb 14, 2010)
www.valeriebarbie.com <-- blog
http://www.valeriebarbie.com/2010/01/maximal-art-by-john-wind-contest.html<-- direct link to contest

Jenna said...

I'm giving away a CHARM FACTORY bracelet worth $24.99


It's super cute and just in time for Valentines day :)

Audrey Woods said...

Just sent you a giveaway. 20 free credits ($16 value) to the 150th person who registers to participate in the reverse auction. Credits are used to bid.


the Chacogirl said...

I already wrote you an email, to link to my giveaway , but i can't see it posted anywhere. I'm giving away a handmade jeansbag on my blog: www.thechacogirl.blogspot.com
The giveaway is open until midnight of the 5. of february. Open worldwide.

Marisa said...

Stylebeat Giveaway: Calling all design enthusiasts! For a chance to win 5 of the best design books, enter How Did the Book Inspire the Look:
Deadline: By February 5th to stylebeatcontest@gmail.com

MommyJessica said...

Jessica Loves to Save Money is hosting a giveaway:

Lansinoh is sending 1 lucky reader:
Nursing Pads (36 count)
and Diaper Rash Cream

Go here to enter the giveaway:


TheWordWire said...

Thanks for letting me share details on my giveaway with your readers!


Winner will get to choose one of three prizes: a blender, a cocktail shaker, or a set of six old fashioned glasses.


Seasoned & Stirred said...

Hi Maria, I sent you the information for my blog giveaway at http://amethystrisingblog.blogspot.com. THANKS!

Pretty Shiny Sparkly said...


I put your button on my blog's buttons page. I'm so thankful for websites like yours! Thanks very much! I sent you current giveaway info, so check that out when you get a chance!

Anonymous said...

I know we have 4 days left for the giveaway, hope you'll still list us. Thank you so much!

Marlana said...

I love your blog. :) What a great idea.

Having my first giveaway now!


All are welcome to enter. I emailed you about it. I'll also follow and check back from time to time. Have a great day!

Unknown said...

Great site & idea.

Thank you for allowing me to submit my MAC Spring Colour Forecast Giveaway

Crafty Mommy Madness said...

Come check out how to save a bundle at Crafty Mommy Madness and also enter to win a set of 10 personalized note cards.

~Melody @ 6 Feet Over~ said...

AWESOME site!! I'm emailing you details with my giveaway now. I used to do regular giveaways at Pennies In My Pocket and now I'm blogging at 6 Feet Over...

** 5 WINNERS will win a "BALL"-gram from sendaball.com!




Ana Popov said...

Thank you for the opportunity! I e-mailed you the information about my double giveaway (Cookies & Bars recipe book and 1 box of biscotti) ending 02/128.

Thank you!

Unknown said...

I have grabbed your badge and added it to my blog. I also sent you a giveaway. I would love to do a little post about your site if interested maybe a little interview. drop me a line at jodi@thecreativejar.com if interested. I also have a badge of my own at the very bottom of my blog.

Vanessa said...

Thank You for doing this. I am going to grab your badge as soon as I get this posted on here.
TY so much

Felicia said...

Thank you so much for listing all of these great giveaways! I just sent an e-mail for mine:

A Stay At Home Mom's Frugal Finds and Reviews

I am giving away a KIWI Shoe Protector Kit- will make a great gift! ends 2/27/10


Deborah said...

I've sent my information. Thanks for such a great website. One of my followers actually told me about your site.

Retro Girl said...

Thanks for having this blog & listing! I am emailing you my giveaway info tonite!
This is my first big giveaway - Hope to get lots of response! Thanks!

Karen said...

I've sent my information - thank you so much!

My giveaway is for a $50 gift certificate good towards the purchase of one item from NorthernLodge on Etsy! Entries accepted until Midnight 3/31/10!

Jennifer Young said...

fun headband giveaway by chinnylulu designs from iartu!


please visit!

Karla@TheClassyWoman said...

What a great blog idea! I am now following you and I am sending you the details for my giveaway now.

Here is the link for anyone who wants to get a head start. There are 2 days left to enter!


We have another giveaway scheduled later on in march too, so don't be shy and come check us out! :)

seaphemera said...

Great Blog! Here's my giveaway:


It ends 3/31/10

Rhonda said...

I love blog giveaways.. thank you for this great list.

Here is my blog giveaway.. We do one every month


We also giveaway a prize on our fan page once we reach the next 100.. right now we are giving away a $5 amazon gift card .. only 10 more fans to go

Thanks so much

Felicia said...

Thank you so much! I have a giveaway right now until 3/8 on my blog: http://sahm-frugalfindsandreviews.blogspot.com/2010/03/hair-coverings-review-and-giveaway.html

Win $25 worth of hair accessories!

I also have a giveaway for a Rainbow Brite CD

Anonymous said...

My first giveaway. A flower brooch...


hostess of the humble bungalow said...

The Hostess of the humble bungalow is having a giveaway! A large silk scarf. Read more about this giveaway on my blog.
Please follow, comment and post my giveaway on your blog for each entry...open world wide!
Good Luck to all!

I have emailed all the information and hope it is a success, thank you.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

oops I forgot!
the direct link for the silk scarf giveaway is


Fourteen Countess said...

Fourteen Countess is giving away a spring-time embroidery sampler! Here's the link:


Come check it out!

Rhonda said...

Thank you for this great blog!

I'm giving away a custom made handbag from my website. ENDS TONIGHT.



Unknown said...

Live Well For Less is giving away one $25 Target Gift Card: http://livewellforless.wordpress.com/2010/03/14/your-world-25-target-gift-card/


Thank you so much!

StarHaus said...

Rainbow twig pencils giveaway!


Barbara said...

This is such a great way to help bloggers connect and expand the social network. I will have to consider a giveaway and come back.

I tagged this blog...

Patricia Chapman said...

Wow, wow, wow Maria. Thanks sooooo much for featuring my giveaway of my assemblage art piece "Star Quality".
I love your Vintageholic Frog blog too and will be having lots of fun following that one too!

Lady In Red said...

I have a giveaway at www.lostinpizzaland.com. Its 4 Littlest Pet Shop stuff, sun-catcher craft, lip gloss jewelry, and a candy necklace craft.

Ends March 27th, at 11:59pm CST.

HomePCTechnician said...


I am giving away a personalized children's Disney Music CD you can enter the giveaway here http://www.myfairytalebooks.com/blog/2010/03/18/personalized_disney_cd_giveaway/


Karla said...

Thank you for your site, I just emailed you my most current giveaway!

Ladies, you can win a jar of clinique facial gel on my blog HERE:


Stefany said...


Blog Name - 2713 Mornings

web 2713mornings.blogspot.com

Giving away - Any Mikarose Dress - you get to choose!

Deadline - April 15

Multiple ways to enter - come check us out!

Anonymous said...

My friend is hosting a fabulous givewaway on her blog to her baby night night boutique etsy shop. It goes until April 1st...check it out...


Unknown said...

Win a fabulous pair of Lua Jewelry earrings!!! Simply by leaving a comment and following on Twitter!
Don't miss it!

Picture This Creations Gift Shop said...

Win a FREE photo bucket bag purse from: http://picturethiscreationsgiftshop.blogspot.com/2010/04/picture-this-creations-gift-shops-first.html

Ends April 17th, 8:00 PM EST.

Good luck! :)

Ma What's 4 dinner said...

Wonderful idea! Thanks so much for doing this.

Come and get your Sean John Unforgivable Woman perfume and lotion.


Stacy said...

Sent you my info!
Giving away an adorable little girls crocheted headband with beautiful flower! Perfect for spring outfits!!

Victor Allen Colon said...

What a great idea! Thanks!

À LA MODEST said...

Thanks for this! I just sent you the giveaway for http://alamodest.com

Dana @ The Coupon Challenge said...

This is great, Thanks!

4 Surface Hair Care Products


ends 04/12

Shalon Estrada said...

I'm having a Blog Design Makeover.
Giveaway ends April 20

Turtle said...

This is such a great blog! I hope you don't mind but I've done a little blog post on Turtle's Blog about it as it's one of my favourites.


Kristin said...

Thanks so much...I have sent you my information. I am giving away a set of 8 handmade notecards on my blog...


Thanks for looking.

BECKS said...

I am so loving this blog!

I've just sent you the info for my first giveaway on my blog:

Will be checking back regularly to see what I can win as well!

Unknown said...

I'm giving away children's games to one lucky reader at my blog. I did submit by email, but it hasn't shown up yet on your main site :)

http://boingerhead.blogspot.com Ends May 1!

L.A. Stylist Mom said...

Just e mailed you my giveaway info - thank you!

Jenn Randomly said...

I am giving away a $1,000 Supermarket Savings Certificate @

Cecelia said...

I'll submit my jewelry giveaways and other creative giveaways at ceceliasvillageart.blogspot.com

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Come check out My Open Book at www.dahlhauser.blogspot.com !!!

**Opportunity to win a beautiful-and-ever-so-girly headband for a special princess in your life!**

These products are carefully crafted and exquisite, made by "Frills and Flowers."


Give-Away ends Friday, April 29 @ 11pm - winner will be drawn and announced on Saturday, April 30.

Kris said...

Win $100 in FREE Usborne Books of your choice. Contest ends May 30. Go to: http://usborneactivities.blogspot.com/2010/04/win-100-of-free-usborne-books-of-your.html

Nancy's Daily Dish said...

$50 Gift Certificate Giveaway hosted by Nancy's Daily Dish. Gift certificate is good for gorgeous candles, gift bags, hand stamped ribbons, roses, etc. Check it out!

Trish said...

RedPoppy is giving away a Milani cosmetics pouch with 3 gorgeous shimmery eye shadows and 2 sparkly lipglosses from their newest range, straight off the Spring runways! Must be a RedPoppy follower to enter. Giveaway ends May 19th, 2010 @ 11:59pm.


Anonymous said...

There is a Dooney & Bourke Handbag GIVEAWAY on www.fashionistatalk.com. Here is a link http://www.fashionistatalk.com/2010/05/dooney-bourke-handbag-giveaway/

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

The Hostess of the Humble Bungalow is giving away a Canadian collection of organic chocolates and creams and a sterling bangle...check out the rules...

Erin H said...

Cheap Peeps is hosting their FIRST giveaway! Enter to win a Coby digital photo keychain and a package of betty Crocker warm delights minis in Chocolate Molten Cake flavor. Ends June 3. http://cheappeeps.blogspot.com/2010/05/my-first-giveaway-digital-photo.html

The Taylor Bunch said...


My first ever giveaway!

Unknown said...

Come on over to Tales of Domestica for another giveaway!


Bizee Mama said...

With May being Skin Cancer Awareness Month Bizee Mama's Beauty Secrets is giving you just what you need to shield your precious skin!
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Thanks for this great blog & opportunity to post giveaways!
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