Featured Giveaway: Stationary Art

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Stationary Art is giving away 2 sets of Pentel Slicci 0.25mm Gel Ink Pens- 15 Colors!

To find out more and enter this giveaway, click here.

(ends November 15)


Nikicandit said...

i tried to enter this competion but i could find the web page.

Anonymous said...

that is great!

Patrizzia said...

Sarah's silk giveaway:

Cristiano said...

Hi.. i already sent 3 emails with my giveaways description and i still dont see that here.. can i ask y dont you choose mine to place in here?

Name of the blog: did you know?
Giveaway: ps3 game (fallout 3). to thanks all susbcribers

Maria said...

Niki- the giveaway is on their Facebook page- once you follow the link I give you here- you can read the details :)

Cristiano- did you provide all of the details to your giveaway? (blog name, giveaway item, direct link to giveaway, and end date) I don't publish incomplete submissions. If it was a mistake on my part, I apologize. Please feel free to re-send your giveaway. Thank you!

Kelli said...

Thanks so much, for everything! You made my TOP TEN referrers for the month of October! See your link at: http://3boysandadog.com/2010/11/blogger-appreciation-day-october-2010/